Magpies out

Hold onto your helmets! Expect maggies to start attacking now. Reports coming in of attacks.

Why don’t they attack cars and motorbikes instead!!?




Coast to Vines Trail – Seaford Section

If you haven’t been there yet go to PHOTOS and watch the beautiful new section along the railway line on Bernie’s Helmet Cam. This particular clip runs at three times the normal speed so it won’t take long. This is also a trial to produce video clips via youTube – I will publish some club ride footage soon.

Please let me know if you find this interesting and/or useful – and please don’t forget to send me any photos of club events you’d like to contribute!

Spring ride: 150 km per day for a week

1000 km around Adelaide in a week.


To get up a bit of strength after winter. It worked for me during my Adelaide-Melbourne ride. So why not once more.


Between Saturday 24th Aug and Friday 30th, we will be riding 150 km a day each day. i.e.  7 times 150 km gives a total of 1,050km.
Meet fifteen minutes early to leave at the time below.
First day:         08:00 am
All other days:     07:00 am


June Club Meeting

xx bike plannerJemma and Nick introduced us to the latest on building the bicycle infrastructure for Adelaide.  Really good presentation.

Nick introduced us to the “Cycle Instead Journey Planner” Find it here
It will allow the downloading of text to print street name directions and also a gpx file for bike computers.

For me, It is an interesting way to discover different ways to get somewhere rather than doing one’s same well known route.

Great evening.